#BOH2CPD and Remote Learning Week 1 – 3

On 21st of March I have completed Infection Control Training – COVID 19 as part ofContinuing my Professional Development requirement. I found this online training worthwhile and informative as it covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19.



Over the weeks of online learning, I felt very overwhelmed at the start and lost my focus for a bit as I was struggling with all the new resources that we had to use, lots of tasks from all the teachers and lots of emails. However, I used my Easter break (which didn’t really feel like a break) to organise everything. I made a several sticky notes on my laptop for all the different subjects and made a list of what I am supposed to do each day when I wake up and made a list of all the tasks and assignment with due date to stay on track with everything.


After the Easter break, week 2 remote learning started off well as I felt more organised with all the catch up and preparation that I did during the Easter break. Getting to tick off things from my TO-Do list is very satisfying and motivates me to stay focused and get the list looking nice and tidy 😀. Anyways, I am really enjoying the Padlet work and the group works that we are involved in which brings us closer to our fellow students. I still have a significant amount of work to catch up on because the past few days, I have been focusing on finishing off my assignments and been neglecting all the work that we are supposed to be doing in our own time/allocated time. But the good news is that I am nearly done with both of my assignments for Health Promotion.


In Week 3 Remote Learning I am focusing more on catching up with OHP lectures, I am up to date with sciences and health promotion subjects. I am continuing to practice on my debridement skills on the model teeth and also dexterity handpiece simulation. This week I am aiming to the soap challenge for some fun and also to practice hand skills and also to test my anatomy knowledge 🙂

Finally, I feel a bit more relaxed now even though it’s still challenging sometimes to stay on top of so many tasks and content specially during Ramadan because I lack energy during the day and spend good amount of time cooking and baking for Iftar (time of the day when we break our fast). Nevertheless, I am grateful that we got to stay home during this Ramadan instead of travelling so far to uni and getting back home so late which, I found very very exhausting last year me on track.



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