Roller Coaster

I totally had forgotten about blogs!

2020 has been a real challenging and unexpected year for everyone. I hope everyone has and is copping well.
Oh GOD! I almost felt like I was cursed a little more this year, but for sure there is always balance. Some not very good and some great things happened this year.

I am sharing more personal side of my life in this post, hope it’s not boring. Thought it might give different perspective.
All I have learnt from what I experienced this year is: to live in the moment and should express/say what we want, while we can, especially to those we love and care.

I lost grandpa to cancer Jan/2020, had to travel overseas, and so missed first week of our intensive period. I fell behind, I was not prepared at all and it took a while for me to catch-up.
Just when things were getting better, mid-first-semester I lost a cousin brother (to COVID), it was devastating.
If I could go back, I would reach-out to him more often, no matter how busy I may have been 🙁 , would’ve spent a little more time with grandpa.

Before we could feel a little normal and recover, we had to deal with COVID ourselves. There were times where life and all the efforts we make (to become a person we want to be in 5-10 years time) would not make sense at all.
I could not follow my plan, not even 2% of it. Plan was to get better marks than previous year, at least.
I thought I will study better than previous year (I did not).
But I will definitely say that I have become stronger than I was. I now know giving up is never the answer. It is actually way more difficult than facing difficulties (whatever it may be).

It is sad and cruel how many lives lost due to COVID, the struggle businesses are going through. It has impacted everyone and everything, everywhere, most not recoverable.
I wish it never happened but I believe in “whatever happens, happens for a reason” (good reason hopefully).

With all the down sides of restrictions, I had chance to spend time with family, for the very first time in 5 years of living in Australia.
We are 5 siblings + mom, dad & grandma (I know its big family). Culturally nobody moves out before getting married (yohoo). We had great time together this year, with grandma happy more than anyone else. It would’ve never been possible for everyone to be home (either at work or uni or sleeping 🙁 )
I have the most amazing support group at home and our School. I cannot thank enough Dr Clare McNally and Bree Jones for their continuous support. Honestly and wholeheartedly Thank You both.

I am not a person who can easily figure out ways to use technology LOL. I always preferred printed version of everything than e-version. Avoided using computer as mush as I could (wherever possible). Online university was a real challenge in every way. I am very glad we are getting closer to normality and cannot wait to be back to DTC.
Pre-clinics are great and very exciting. Due to a medical condition I have missed quite a few pre-clinical sessions lately. I need a lot to catch-up, both practically in lab and theoretically before I can come back, but can’t wait to re-join!

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