Week 42

I was actually very happy to be starting preclinic again, even if that included waking up earlier than usual. I thoroughly enjoyed the last 3 weeks of preclinic, where every session we did something different- posterior restorations, pulpotomies and placement of SSCs which I found very fun to do and I also learned so much from our demos on different techniques of how to go about doing these tasks. Doing a procedure for the first time even on a mannequin made me feel nervous about whether I will know how to do it or if I will make mistakes. However because I prepared beforehand from the lecture notes and videos, I felt more confident. And either way it is better to make mistakes in preclinic and learn from them. Something I hope to improve on in the future is time management because I was slow at completing some tasks in preclinic and felt left behind my other colleagues.

I also enjoyed starting the gerodontics classes and reviewing perio. I liked doing Perusal readings and padlets with patient scenarios in our groups. It brought back my mind into perio thinking and was a great way to revise because in groups we all contribute and work and learn together.

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